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Batteries of static capacitors

Designation and application scope of batteries of static capacitors (BSC)

BSC are applied to increase power factor in electrical grids. They allow producing reactive power exactly in load centers but not at long-distance electrical stations, what reduces voltage and power losses in power supply system.

Tasks solvable by BSC installation:

  • Electrical energy losses reduction:
  • Voltage level stabilization (voltage losses reduction);
  • Electrical energy quality increase;
  • Reduction of reactive power consumption from powerful grids;
  • Increase of carrying capacity of electrical grid without power increase of power equipment;
  • Increase of electrical power supply system stability.

BSC design

For today most demanded BSC are of open performance type for operation at open distribution units without additional constructions. BSC of UKCP production fully satisfy the requirements of GOST 15543.1-89 concerning technical requirements of stability to climatic factors impacts for areas UHL1.

Batteries are completed with single-phase PFC capacitors of KEPF type. Fuses are installed in series with each element inside a capacitor; they secure a localization of inside damages not allowing capacitor failure.

Batteries completing depends on customer's requirements. The set of BSC has metal frames for installation of capacitors covered by hot or cold galvanizing, support and busbar insulators, busbar arrangement of electrical connections, instrument current transformers, protection devices of battery from imbalance current, current limiting reactors and a set of fastening goods.


Designation: for reactive power compensation in grids from 6.3 up to 110 kV, frequency 50 Hz.

Type Rated voltage, kV Maximum voltage, kV Rated capacitance of a phase, mfd Capacitor type Normative document
Batteries of Static Capacitors for electric grid objects
BSC-110-26UHL1 110 130 6,84 KEPF-11,55-430-2UHL1 СТ АО 00213457-18-2010
BSC-110-52UHL1 13,9 KEPF-11.55-430-2UHL1
BSC-110-50,4UHL1 13,26 KEPF-10-555-2UHL1
BSC-110-55,7 UHL1 15,12 KEPF-11,55-475-2UHL 1
BSC-110-40 UHL1 10,27 KEPF-11.55-430-2UHL 1
BSC-35-11,9UHL1 35 40.5 30,8 KEPF-11.55-430-2UHL1 СТ АО 00213457-24-2010
BSC-35-15.8UHL1 41,06 KEPF-11,55^30-2UHL1
BSC-35-18.2UHL1 47,75 KEPF-11.55-500-2UHL1
BSC-35-17.3UHL1 44,88 KEPF-11,55-470-2UHL1
BSC-35-10UHL1 26,86 KEPF-11,55-375-2UHL1
BSC-10,5-12,5 УЗ 10,5 12,0 164,3 KEPF-11.55-430-2UHL1 Approved technical requirements
Batteries of static capacitors for filter compensating devicesand static thyristor compensators.
BSC-7,26-7,17UHL1 7,26 8,0 433,3 KEPF-5-310-2UHL1 Approved technical requirements
BSC-7,88-8,ЗUHL1 7,88 8,7 428,0 KEPF-5-420-2UHL1
BSC-8,35-3,46UHL1 8,35 9,2 158,0 KEPFЧ2-300-2UHL1
BSC-62,35-43,9UHL1 62,35 68,6 36,0 KEPF-9-610-2UHL1
BSC-52-51.8UHL1 52,00 57,2 61,2 KEPF-10-640-2UHL1
BSC-46,8-43,9UHL1 46,80 51,5 64,0 KEPF-9-610-2UHL1
BSC-62,35-73,2 UHL1 62,35 68,6 60,0 KEPF-9-610-2UHL1
BSC-52-103.7UHL1 52,00 57,2 122,3 KEPF-10-640-2UHL1
BSC-46,8-82,ЗUHL1 46,80 51,5 119,9 KEPF-9-610-2UHL1
BSC-12,64-7,2 UHL1 12,64 13,9 143,4 KEPF-7,3-300-2UHL1
BSC-12,64-64,8 UHL1 12,64 13,9 1290,0 KEPF-7,3-300-2UHL1

* In battery designation: first figure after type – rated voltage in kV,
second figure – rated power in MVAr.
* Overall dimensions and weight of battery are indicated without accounting reactors and transformers; this is negotiated during delivery.


UKCP’S BSC specific features:

  • BSC attestation in OJSC “FGC UES”;
  • Regarding not high cost and quick paying back ability;
  • Reach experience in manufacture of capacitors and capacitor banks;
  • Own manufacturing base for capacitor production;
  • Quick mounting and simplicity in operation;
  • BSC development according to customer’s requirements.

Completed projects


2008 year, substation "Tataurovo", Ulan-Ude town, BSC-110-26 UHL1


2010 year, substation "Starominskaya", Krasnodar region, BSC-110-52 UHL1


2012 year, substation "Subhankulovo", Republic of Bashkortostan, Oktyabrsk town, BSC-110-40 UHL

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