High-voltage capacitor banks with automatic power control

High-voltage capacitor banks with automatic power control

Adjustable capacitor banks UKRM are meant for power factor correction (cos φ) of electrical plants of industrial companies and distribution networks for voltage of 6-10 kV frequency 50 Hz, with an alternating load. The banks secure maintenance of the set power factor at hours of maximum and minimum loads in a work regime of grid assembly unit as well as exclude increasing regime of reactive power generation (overcompensation).

Automatically adjustable capacitor banks application permits to form a precise balance of reactive power in a grid without operator presence, to reduce current loads at electricity transmission lines, transformers and distribution equipment connecting with reactive power transmission, as well as to stabilize a voltage in electrical system units, what gives a possibility to reduce the charges for energy payment and to connect additional load.

Adjustable capacitor banks of reactive power compensation are meant for operation in closed industrial premises at normal operation conditions. For operation in regions with cold climate at low temperatures the adjustable capacitor banks are supplied to be installed in modules which secure keeping necessary regime of bank operation.

Capacitor Bank description

By the design the banks UKRM-6(10) consist of input cell and capacitor cells (adjustable and non-adjustable), the quantity of which depends on bank’s power. The cells present the assembled weldable metal cabinets, inside of which an apparatus of main and auxiliary circuits is placed. An access to the cells is secured through the doors from facade side.

In the input cell there are current transformers, a disconnector with a drive, control and measuring instruments, devices of relay protection and automatics. At input cell door there are amperemeters, signaling lamps, reactive power controller. Left of the door there are blocking locks for a protection from the access to current-carrying parts when the bank is switched on and a drive of disconnector’s main blades. To the right from the door there is a drive of grounding blades.

Three phase capacitors and fuses are installed in non-adjustable capacitor cells. Three phase capacitors, fuses, current limiting reactors and vacuum contactors are installed in adjustable capacitor cells. Each capacitor has built-in discharge resistors and is protected by installed current-limiting fuses. The fuses has an actuation indicator, and for observing of fuses condition there are peep-holes in capacitor cell doors.

Capacitor banks secure the following:

  • in automatic control regime: automatic maintenance of the set power factor by means of switching on/off of regulation steps;
  • in manual regime: a possibility of manual switching on and off of regulation steps by turns;
  • protection from rated current increase;
  • current indication of static capacitor banks;
  • emergency signaling at protections actuation;
  • voltage protection (max/min);
  • overload protection by means of higher harmonics currents
Type designation Bank power, kvarConstant part power, kvarRegulation step, kvarOverall dimensions, mm*Weight, kg, not more*Normative document
UKRM56(57)-6,3(10,5)-450-(2×225) U345022527708251830905

СТ 1474-1917-АО-4-027-2012
and according to approved technical requirements

UKRM56(57)-6,3(10,5)-450-(3×150) U3150915
UKRM56(57)-6,3(10,5)-750-(5×150) U375036701235
UKRM56(57)-6,3(10,5)-900-(4×225) U39002251240
UKRM56(57)-6,3(10,5)-900-(2×450) U34502770955
UKRM56(57)-6,3(10,5)-900-(3×300) U330034701120
UKRM56(57)-6,3(10,5)-900-(450+2×225) U34502251130
UKRM56(57)-6,3(10,5)-900-(450+3×150) U3150
UKRM56(57)-6,3(10,5)-1125-(5×225) U3112522536701265
UKRM56(57)-6,3(10,5)-1350-(3×450) U3135045034701145
UKRM56(57)-6,3(10,5)-1350-(450+4×225) U345022543701455
UKRM56(57)-6,3(10,5)-1350-(450+2×450) U345034701170
UKRM56(57)-6,3(10,5)-1350-(450+3×300) U330041701315
UKRM56(57)-6,3(10,5)-1350-(900+2×225) U390022534701185
UKRM56(57)-6,3(10,5)-1350-(900+3×150) U31501195
UKRM56(57)-6,3(10,5)-1500-(5×300) U3150030043701470
UKRM56(57)-6,3(10,5)-1800-(450+3×450) U3180045045041701235
UKRM56(57)-6,3(10,5)-1800-(900+3×300) U39003001380
UKRM56(57)-6,3(10,5)-1800-(900+4×225) U322543701520
UKRM56(57)-6,3(10,5)-1800-(900+2×450) U345034701235
UKRM56(57)-6,3(10,5)-1800-(1350+2×225) U3135022541701400
UKRM56(57)-6,3(10,5)-1800-(1350+3×150) U31501407
UKRM56(57)-6,3(10,5)-2250-(5×450) U3225045043701545
UKRM56(57)-6,3(10,5)-2250-(900+3×450) U390041701425
UKRM56(57)-6,3(10,5)-2250-(1350+4×225) U3135022550701235
UKRM56(57)-6,3(10,5)-2250-(1350+2×450) U345041701450
UKRM56(57)-6,3(10,5)-2250-(1350+3×300) U330048701600
UKRM56(57)-6,3(10,5)-2250-(1800+2×225) U3180022541701465
UKRM56(57)-6,3(10,5)-2250-(1800+3×150) U31501475
UKRM56(57)-6,3(10,5)-2700-(1350+3×450) U32700135045048701640
UKRM56(57)-6,3(10,5)-2700-(1800+2×450) U3180041701515
UKRM56(57)-6,3(10,5)-2700-(1800+4×225) U322550701800
UKRM56(57)-6,3(10,5)-2700-(1800+3×300) U330048701660
UKRM56(57)-6,3(10,5)-2700-(2250+2×225) U322502251680
UKRM56(57)-6,3(10,5)-2700-(2250+3×150) U31501690
UKRM56(57)-6,3(10,5)-3150-(1800+3×450) U3315018004501705
UKRM56(57)-6,3(10,5)-3150-(2250+2×450) U322501730
UKRM56(57)-6,3(10,5)-3150-(2700+2×225) U327002251745
UKRM56(57)-6,3(10,5)-3150-(2700+3×150) U31501755
UKRM56(57)-6,3(10,5)-3600-(2700+2×450) U336004501795

* As per customer’s request, it is possible to produce banks with different requirements from the table.

Symbol structure of capacitor bankswith automatic power control

UKRMUKRMcapacitor bankwith automatic power control;
ХХ-56-disconnector availability at the input: 56- with disconnector, 57- without disconnector;
ХХ-10,5-– rated voltage, kV;
ХХХ3150– rated power, kVAr;
(ХХХ+(2700+a constant part, kVAr;
3х150)3х150)– quantity х power of compensation steps, pcs. х kVAr;
ХUclimatic performance as per GOST 15150-69;
Х3location category as per GOST 15150-69.

For instance: UKRM56-10,5-3150 (2700+3х150) U3- capacitor bankwith automatic power control with disconnector availability at the input, rated voltage 10,5 kV, rated power 3150 kVAr, a constant part – 2700 kVAr, 3 steps of adjustment by 150 kVAr, climatic performance and location category as per GOST 15150-69 – U3.

The result of reactive power compensation using capacitor banks is reflected in the following:

  • power factor correction, absence of penalty/fines from energy saving companies;
  • reduction of active power losses during transmission and distribution of electricity;
  • reduction of voltage losses during transmission and distribution of electricity;
  • an increase in carrying capacity of transformers, power transmission lines, an ability to connect an additional load.

If there are nonlinear elements in the load circuit, which are accompanied by non-sinusoidal distortions of voltage or current curve, it is necessary to compensate the reactive power taking into account the harmonic spectrum by means of higher-harmonic filters or filter capacitor banks.
For a climatic performance UHL1, it is possible to place capacitor banks in a warmed block-modular building.