Low-Voltage Capacitor Banks, thyristor, upgraded

Low-Voltage Capacitor Banks, thyristor, upgraded

Compared to the banks with contactors – capacitor banks with thyristor control UKMT have a very high speed of switching because since there is no need in a delay of actuation for a capacitor discharge time.

UKMT application is most popular in networks with a quick-changing load: stamping equipment, welding equipment, lifting and carrying mechanisms, pumps and compressors with varying productivity, etc.

Key point of capacitor banks with thyristor switches operation is based on the fact that commutation operations happen in the moment of voltage passing through zero, i.e. when voltages of capacitor and network are equal. Thanks to this, peak current surges are absent on the capacitors in the switching moment and capacitors life period becomes longer.

Due to the absence of moving mechanical contacts the thyristor switches have a big resource and are almost noiseless during operation.

Thyristor capacitor banks have quick-operating fuses which protect thyristors from current overloads.

Also there is a thyristor protection from overvoltage in a network.

Type designationQuantity
of steps
Overall dimensions,
UKMT-0,4-50-12,5 U3.12×12,5+25800640170072195СТ 2347
UKMT-0,4-62,5-12,5 U3.112,5+2×2590
UKMT-0,4-75-12,5 U3.112,5+25+37,5108
UKMT-0,4-75-25 U3.125+50
UKMT-0,4-87,5-12,5 U3.112,5+25+50126
UKMT-0,4-100-25 U3.12×25+50144
UKMT-0,4-125-25 U3.125+2×50200180
UKMT-0,4-150-25 U3.125+50+75217
UKMT-0,4-150-50 U3.150+100
UKMT-0,4-175-25 U3.125+50+100253
UKMT-0,4-200-25 U3.12×25+50+1002000289240
UKMT-0,4-200-50 U3.12×25+100200
UKMT-0,4-225-25 U3.125+2×50+100325240
UKMT-0,4-250-25 U3.125+50+75+100361
UKMT-0,4-250-50 U3.150+2×100205
UKMT-0,4-275-25 U3.125+50+2×100397245
UKMT-0,4-300-25 U3.12×25+50+2×10016001700433350
UKMT-0,4-300-50 U3.12×50+2×100340
UKMT-0,4-325-25 U3.125+2×50+2×100469370
UKMT-0,4-350-25 U3.125+50+75+2×100505375
UKMT-0,4-350-50 U3.150+3×100360
UKMT-0,4-400-25 U3.12×25+50+3×100577400
UKMT-0,4-400-50 U3.12×50+3×100380
UKMT-0,4-450-25 U3.125+50+75+3×100650400
UKMT-0,4-450-50 U3.150+4×100390
UKMT-0,4-500-25 U3.12×25+50+4×1002000722455
UKMT-0,4-500-50 U3.12×50+4×100400
UKMT-0,4-550-25 U3.125+50+75+4×100794
UKMT-0,4-550-50 U3.150+5×100405
UKMT-0,4-600-25 U3.12×25+50+5×100866470
UKMT-0,4-600-50 U3.12×50+5×100460
UKMT-0,4-650-25 U3.125+50+75+5×100938475
UKMT-0,4-650-50 U3.150+6×100460
UKMT-0,4-675-25 U3.125+50+6×100974480
UKMT-0,4-700-50 U3.12×50+6×1001010490
UKMT-0,4-750-50 U3.150+7×1001038495

* As per customer’s request, it is possible to produce banks with different requirements from the table.

Symbol structure designation of adjustable capacitor banks with thyristor control:

UKMUKMT– capacitor bank;
Т-Т-– with thyristor control;
XX-0,4-– rated voltage, kV;
ХХ-500-– rated power, kVAr;
ХХ50– control step, kVAr;
ХУ– climatic performance as per GOST 15150-69;
Х3.1– location category as per GOST 15150-69.

For instance: UKMT-0,4-250-50 U3 – adjustable capacitor bank with thyristor control, rated voltage 0,4 kV, rated power – 250 kVAr and control step 50 kVAr, climatic performance and location category as per GOST 15150-69 – U3.1.