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Coupling capacitors of amplified performance


CAPACITOR CMA-110/√3-6,4-UHL1* of amplified performance with possibility of high-frequency trap installation.

Coupling capacitors of amplified performance are required in small substations, where there are no portals and traverses.

It is possible to install traps of type VZ-630-0,5 and VZ-1250-0,5, or other types with overall dimensions not more than: by height - 1500 mm, by diameter -1300 mm. Trap weight shall not exceed 310 kg. For traps installation on upper cover there are 6 free holes with diameter 18 mm, placed at the circle with diameter 445 mm. A fastening of high-frequency trap is carried out with the help of a standard fastening assembly, however, as per customer’s approval; it is possible to develop fastening assembly as per individual requirements. Electrical connection of capacitor and trap is made by means of contact areas on the trap and on upper cover of capacitor.

At capacitor purchase order it should be accounted that this capacitor is installed on insulating support PI-6 UHL1

* At purchase order it should be indicated “amplified performance”.

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