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Coupling capacitors of explosion-proof performance


Application: for securing of high-frequency communication at frequencies from 24 up to 1000 kHz for capacitors of voltages 110/√3 and 166/√3 kV along electricity transmission lines with AC rated voltage 110, 220, 330, 500 kV, frequency 50 and 60 Hz.
Capacitors are produced in porcelain insulators and impregnated with ecologically safe fluid. They are meant for replacement of common capacitors at electricity transmission lines.

Capacitor’s explosion-proofness is secured by a special designed and tested unit of explosion-proofness. Therefore these capacitors have an increased stability to impacts of energies of inside short circuit and do not permit an explosion which is dangerous for surrounding equipment and staff.

Coupling capacitors’ explosion-proof performance is designated with letters “Ех” in a capacitor designation. Coupling capacitors can be manufactured in porcelain and in composite cases with silicone ribbing (in this case capacitor type is designated with letter “K”).
Coupling capacitors of explosion-proof performance are impregnated with ecologically safe fluid which is not in a prohibited list of Stockholm Convention about persistent organic pollutants (2001 year).

Type designation Tangent of loss angle Overall dimensions, mm Weight, kg Normative document
diameter height
СМА-110/√3-6,4 УХЛ1 Ех 2,5×10-3 313 1459 154±10 СТ 2347-1917-01-ТОО-4-047-2013
СМАВ-110/√3-6,4 УХЛ1 Ех 1498
СМАП-110/√3-6,4 УХЛ1 Ех 1997 196±10
СМАПВ-110/√3-6,4 УХЛ1 Ех 2030
СМА-166/√3-14 УХЛ1 Ех 485 1661 370±30
СМАВ-166/√3-14 УХЛ1 Ех 1693
СМА-166/√3-18 УХЛ1 Ех 1661
СМАВ-166/√3-18 УХЛ1 Ех 1693
СМА-К-110/√3-6,4 УХЛ1 Ех 313 1459 104±10 По согласованному техническому
СМАВ-К-110/√3-6,4 УХЛ1 Ех 1498
СМАП-К-110/√3-6,4 УХЛ1 Ех 1997 120±10
СМАПВ-К-110/√3-6,4 УХЛ1 Ех 2030

In capacitors designation:
First number after type – rated voltage in kV;
second – capacitance in nanofarad;
CMA – capacitor in porcelain reinforced insulator;
V – with terminal; P – combined with insulating support; Ех – explosion-proof performance;
K – capacitors are produced in composite case with silicone ribbing.


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