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Low-Voltage Filter Capacitor Banks, Adjustable


Description: The presence of capacitors in electric power supply networks with nonlinear loads can provoke a occurrence of resonance phenomenon and as a consequence a current increase and capacitors overheating.
In order to avoid resonance modes occurrence it is necessary to use the banks presenting an in-series resonance contour formed by a throttle which is switched on in-series with the capacitors. Such banks are called mismatched filters of higher harmonics.
The purpose of such connection is to reduce a network resonance frequency up to the value below the lowest higher harmonic. Throttle power is expressed in a percentage from the capacitor's power. Most frequently the throttles of 5.67%, 7% and 14% are used. Each value of the throttle power has its own resonance frequency. For instance, for 7% mismatching a resonance frequency is 189 Hz. It means that for all harmonics the frequency of which lies above 189 Hz, a network is an inductive resistance and for them the occurrence of resonance mode is unlikely. Therefore there is a solution of the problem for expensive equipment repairing which failed in the result of higher harmonic currents impact.

For automatic reactive power compensation of consumers' loads in general-purpose networks with voltage of 0.4 kV and 50 Hz when using the electrical load with nonlinear volt-ampere characteristic, where the harmonics are generated.

Type designation Quantity and power of steps Overall dimensions, mm Weight, kg, not more Normative document
Length Width Height
UKМF1(2,3)-0,4-50-12,5 U3 2×12,5+25
150(150,165) СТ АО 921240000477-
UKМF1(2,3)-0,4-62,5-12,5 U3 12,5+2×25 160(170,175)
UKМF1(2,3)-0,4-75-12,5 U3 2×12,5+2×25 165(170,185)
UKМF1(2,3)-0,4-75-25 U3 25+50 165(165,185)
UKМF1(2,3)-0,4-87,5-12,5 U3 12,5+25+50 175(170,195)
UKМF1(2,3)-0,4-100-12,5 U3 2×12,5+25+50 180(180,205)
UKМF1(2,3)-0,4-100-25 U3 2×25+50
UKМF1(2,3)-0,4-125-25 U3 25+2×50 1700 230(235,250)
UKМF1(2,3)-0,4-150-25 U3 25+50+75 250(225,270)
UKМF1(2,3)-0,4-150-50 U3 3×50 250(250,270)
UKМF1(2,3)-0,4-175-25 U3 2×25+50+75 260(250,285)
UKМF1(2,3)-0,4-200-25 U3 25+2×50+75 2000 335(340,370)
UKМF1(2,3)-0,4-200-50 U3 4×50 345(320,375)
UKМF1(2,3)-0,4-225-25 U3 25+50+2×75 345(360,390)
UKМF1(2,3)-0,4-250-25 U3 2×25+50+2×75 365(360,405)
UKМF1(2,3)-0,4-250-50 U3 2×50+2×75
UKМF1(2,3)-0,4-275-25 U3 2×25+3×75 380(380,420)

In banks designation: the first number – numeral designation of resonance frequency (1-210 Hz for detuning 5,67 %; 2-189 Hz for detuning 7%; 3-135 Гц for detuning 14%);
second - rated voltage in kV;
third - rated power in kVAr;
fourth - power of control step.
Banks are completed with KPC capacitors and protective throttles for higher harmonic filtration.
Banks have a protection degree IP21.

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