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Services Rendered

"UKCP" Ltd. presents a complete complex of services to all customers for more effective application of its products:

  1. Grids and substations inspection for voltage of 0.4-750 kV with measuring of electrical energy quality (voltage level, presence of higher harmonics, cos φ);
  2. Action plan developing for compensation equipment application;
  3. Design works performance and equipment delivery;
  4. Mounting, adjustment, putting into operation and personnel training.

UKCP's products application allows:

  • To reduce electric energy losses;
  • To improve electric energy quality;
  • To achieve maximum usage of energy resources.

Our experience confirms that up to 30% of funds can be saved meant for payment for electrical energy and grids maintenance with energy saving equipment application.

Contact Information
  • Maldybayev str. 1, Ust-Kamenogorsk city, East-Kazakhstan reg.,
    Republic of Kazakhstan, 070001
  • Phone: +7 (7232) 29-33-75
    Fax: +7 (7232) 29-33-76
  • e-mail: kvar@ukcp.kz
Official Representative Office in Moscow
  • OJSC “Ust-Kamenogorsk Capacitor”
    Barabanniy str. 4, Moscow, Russian Federation, 107023
  • Phone: +7 (495) 964-97-89
  • e-mail: msorokina@ukkm.ru