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Low Voltage Capacitor Banks
High-Voltage Capacitor Banks

Capacitor banks produced by “Ust-Kamenogorsk Capacitor Plant”, Ltd. can significantly increase the performance of power supply system operation at the production of mechanical engineering, power energy, huge food and oil & gas complexes. Capacitor plant manufactures low-voltage and high-voltage capacitor banks. The prices for UKCP’s capacitor banks depend on the power and complete set of the goods.

Low-Voltage Capacitor Banks

If the main task of the bank is a compensation of reactive power, it is worth buying a capacitor bank of a low-voltage type UKMT. Such equipment is applied for welding equipment, pumps and compressors, that is, for networks with sharply alternating loads. The devices of UKMT series differ by its speed performance.

Capacitor Banks of type UKMF, UKMFT have in-built detuned throttle, separate for each stage of reactive power compensation; they are applied to damp of higher harmonics and protect the network from their negative distortions.

The use of such low-voltage banks will significantly extend the operation life of power system components, increase additional resources without general modernization, increase the profitability of the enterprise by enlarging the output rate.

High-Voltage Capacitor Banks

This is an optimal solution to reduce energy losses and improve its quality. Due to the use of this high-tech equipment, enterprises do not need a complete modernization of the power supply system to increase additional capacity.

A proper application of high-voltage banks can significantly increase the carrying capacity of power transmission lines. The banks successfully compensate a surplus reactive power and help to avoid transferring it into the common network. Another advantage of the equipment is the effective optimization of grid operation in case of unexpected voltage surges during the hours of maximum loads.


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