Non-adjustable low-voltage capacitor banks

Non-adjustable low-voltage capacitor banks

Application scope:
meant for reactive power compensation in networks for voltage class up to 1000 V with a fixed value of consumed reactive power.

Type designationFrequency, HzOverall dimensions, mmRated current, AWeight, kgCapacitor typeNormative document
UK-0,4-25 U3*50500×250×6553628KPCAccording to
data sheet
UK-0,4-37,5 U3*5429
UK-0,4-50 U3*7230
UK-0,4-62,5 U3*500×331×6559033
UK-0,4-75 U3*10834
UK-0,4-87,5 U3*12635
UK-0,4-100 U3*14436
UK-0,4-112,5 U3*600×325×130016280
UK-0,4-125 U3*180
UK-0,4-150 U3*21785
UK-0,4-187,5 U3*271
UK-0,4-200 U3*28995
UK-0,4-225 U3*600×325×1650325100
UK-0,4-250 U3*361134
UK-0,4-275 U3*397115
UK-0,4-300 U3*433120
UK1-0,4-12,5 U3**410×120×445189±2СТ 2347-1917-01
UK1-0,4-16,7 U3**2410±2
UK1-0,4-25 U3**3611±2
UK1-0,4-33,3 U3**4812±2
UK1-0,4-37,5 U3**5413±2
UK2-0,4-50 U3**300×420×5057225±2
UK2-0,4-66,7 U3**9626±2
UK3-0,4-75 U3**480×420×50510837±2
UK3-0,4-100 U3**14439±2
UK3-0,4-112,5 U3**16242±2
UK4-0,4-133,3 U3**660×420×50519252±2
UK4-0,4-150 U3**21756±2
UK5-0,4-167 U3**840×420×50524165±2
UK5-0,4-187,5 U3**27170±2
UK6-0,4-150 U3**1020×420×50521773±2
UK6-0,4-200 U3**28979±2
UK6-0,4-225 U3**32584±2

* As per customer’s request, it is possible to produce banks with different requirements from the table.

Symbol structure designation of non-adjustable capacitor banks:

UKUK– capacitor bank;
Х-1-– 1-b: case dimensions;
XX-0,4-– rated voltage, kV;
ХХ-25-– rated power, kVAr;
ХU– climatic performance as per GOST 15150-69;
Х3– location category as per GOST 15150-69.

For instance: UK1-0,4-25 U3 – non-adjustable capacitor bank, with rated voltage 0,4 kV, rated power – 25 kVAr, climatic performance and location category as per GOST 15150-69 – U3.